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Advice and tips for the right New Year Card

The right card can do miracles. To please and to amuse your partner. To highlight your company among others. To cure relations damaged during the year. Unfortunately it can also be a useless piece of paper, ending in waste basket even few minutes after the envelope had been opened. If you want a New Year card 2015 or Christmas card that will amuse and capture your partner, we have a few tips for you.

Product narcism
Many companies send cards portraying their products. Sometimes with primitive photomontage. It really is neither witty nor novel. We believe that you love your product, but we can assure you that most of your customers and suppliers don't. To be honest, they don't find anything beautiful about your products. Unless you are a producer of luxury cars, try to avoid it.

Drawing is often better than a photograph

Photos are better for leaflets, brochures, web etc. The post card needs something special. We don't say, that photos are bad. We say that you have to find really excellent and unique photos, if you want to use it on postcard, otherwise it looks too ordinary. On the contrary even an ordinary drawing can look uncommonly.

Sense of humour
There are two ways to capture an attention. With a serious theme or with a good sense of humour. Everything else (eg. luxury paper, excellent graphics, …) can appear a bit flat. The serious themes should be left for foundations and charity. It is better to choose humour, as it is less risky. Humour can delight people, can break the ice, it helps to make you more memorable and sometimes can cure some mutual disagreements that could appear during the year. However it has to be done in a decent way. You must not make fun of your customers and you must offend nobody, except humourless persons and your common enemies. Better make fun of yourself. That is what your customers would appreciate the most.



Make sure, that your hand written texts are decipherable by your partners. Including your signature. If your sign reminds an unreadable ornament, better put your name beside it too. Otherwise your consignee may never find out, who sent it to him.

Logo a firemní identita
The graphics of the card should comply with your company design. Always use your logo, so that your customer can easily identify you. If you can, use your company colours in the graphics.

Personal impression
There should be some kind of hand written text on the card. At least your name or short message. If you are not exactly a singnwriter, ask somebody in your company to write it for you. The customer will never find out, who really wrote it, but the fact that it is hand written is a proof, that you mean it seriously and that he or she is worth your attention. In an ideal case, put individual personal message on each card or at least on cards for the most important persons. It surely will delight them and that is what are New Year Cards for.

It is always better if the New Year Card contains some idea or point than a pointless picture with Christmas theme. Make sure however, that the point is clear to your consignee. It doesn't have to be immediately evident, but after some time the customer should get to the point without any extensive explanation.


If you intend to send a picture of snowy landscape or a candle lit Christmas tree, then better send no card at all. It looks like you don't care and that you are sending it only because it is a duty.

The New Year Card should amuse your partner. Instead of printed card you can send some promotional gift. These ideas are effective, they can be more expensive however and difficult to distribute. A good compromise is a gift that can be created of your printed card. A gadget, teaser, game etc. But beware of too complicated or too infantile ideas.

Good taste
If there is not a good reason for it, don't send erotic pictures. No objections against naked women, but for the purposes of Christmas or New Year Card they are not exactly convenient. That regards also pictures of sweet animals. A bit kitshy could be the use of silver, gold and other sparkling colours.